Camp Cocoon

Our weekend bereavement camp for kids will be held Aug. 2-4, 2024, in beautiful Tallulah Falls, Ga. Applications are now being accepted for campers and adult volunteers.

The PruittCares Foundation Scholarship Program was created to help defray the cost of education for students dedicated to pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.

The Program offers scholarship recipients assistance with the costs of tuition and books. 

“I would have to say that furthering my education has been the best thing that could have happened to me.

I started out as an LPN in 2006. After working in a hospital for 3 years, I came to hospice. It was not until I had my eyes set upon the DHS job that I decided to try to get my RN. However, I had a lot of obstacles in my way. It took me awhile to get things lined up, but finally with the help of the PruittCares scholarship, I was able to go back to school and obtain my RN.”

Among the many obstacles, finances would have been the most important one. I had a family to raise and medical bills due to several different reasons that come into the picture over the years. It was hard to pay for RN school out of my pocket.

Saving money was real important in my situation. I was surprised to learn that I could keep applying for this scholarship as long as I stayed in school. That helped in so many ways. To be honest, this scholarship nearly paid for my entire RN education. I was then able to reapply in order to further my education to obtain my BSN. Because of this, I not only became the DHS at PruittHealth Hospice Swainsboro for over 2 years, I now am the Administrator of the PruittHealth Hospice of Savannah.

None of this would have been possible number one without God to guide me, but number two, without the financial support of this scholarship from PruittCares. Thank you so much for investing in your employees and helping them advance their education. One day, I do plan to maybe obtain my NP and I would hope that this would still be available if I were to need it. I will also say that this scholarship has also helped my daughter become an RN and is also assisting her into getting her BSN. Even though she works as a charge nurse at Doctor’s Hospital in the step down burn unit in Augusta, she does work for Pruitt as needed and helps multiple offices when they need help.

So this program has been a great blessing to not only me, but to my family.

Scholarship Eligibility and Details

Eligible Applicants

Any PruittHealth employee partner or any legal resident of Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee is eligible to apply for the scholarship.  To be considered for a scholarship, all applicants must demonstrate the following: 

  • Acceptance into an accredited school providing a healthcare-related educational program. 
  • Financial need.
  • A strong commitment to healthcare.

Staff and Officers of the PruittCares Foundation, as well as their relatives, are not eligible for this scholarship program.


Scholarship Awards

  • Scholarship winners are announced annually in late spring.
  • Half of the scholarship payment ($1,000) will be made directly to the applicant’s school for the next applicable term. The other half of the scholarship payment ($1,000) will be made directly to the applicant’s school before the next successive term.
  • Applicants may reapply for the scholarship every year.
  • PruittCares Foundation Scholarships are grants, not loans. There is no expectation of repayment.