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Remember Your Training

By Chaplain Thomas Meade

“As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.”

– Daniel 1:17


Learning is powerful, God approved and given to all in different measures and abilities. The verse above bares that out. The four young men and Daniel had great service to do and to pass down their knowledge to others during 70 years of bondage in Babylon. Also, they did theirs in service to the King, just as knowledgeable people do today in different competencies in their work, such as the medical field and those in civil government (see also Romans 13). While in the womb a babe is developing and is learning in their own way—they can hear, feel a mother’s gentle loving touch, know pain, hunger and several other things. Many claim that when a child is born their slate is clean. I agree but only to the extent of being taught knowledge from others. The newborn has God given instincts / senses and then begin learning their motor skills. Please read Luke 1:41-44 about a baby leaping in the womb, the baby is known as “John the Baptist.”

This chaplain remembers well, learning about “classical conditioning,” also known as “Pavlovian conditioning,” which is the process of learning through association and was discovered by Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov during the late 1800s. This simply states that there are two stimuli (enticements/motivations) connected to produce a new learned effect in a human or an animal. It is a something learned by something or someone that rewards by conditioning, a learning process used from birth through adulthood. Having written all of that, it leads me to the following:

Our PruittHealth partners have been taught with abundance of knowledge and continue learning. Sometimes we need to be refreshed and study something again and again as time goes by. Hence, our Pruitt University modules. I have, and still do, work with many talented healthcare workers. I am thankful for each one. Our team in Eastern Carolina collaborates and communicates with input from different talented disciplines and leadership.

My colleague chaplains have hearts of gold and are willing to serve by whatever means that are called for. Chaplains are certainly not cookie cutter and each has their own personality with a common goal in mind in interfaith chaplaincy to love, honor and respect all our patients and staff. I salute them in their God given role. Our social workers are filled with loving care and want what’s best for all just the same as the chaplains. I lift you up in praise. The volunteer coordinators are also filled with passion to help comfort the patients and their families. I honor you with gladness. Our doctors, NPs, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, DHSs, and all who on the frontlines which are too many to name, if I left you out, I mean you too, I pray for your safety. All those in management, administrators, administrative assistance, and those at corporate on up to Mr. Pruitt, I thank you for your guidance, patience, and leadership.

Remember our training and new training to remain safe and healthy during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Please ask for help if something seems confusing in this time of change in how we operate. Ask the questions and others that know please share your knowledge which in turn helps our whole team in everyone’s interest in what we do for all involved.

Thomas Meade

Chaplain PruittHealth Hospice (East Carolina)

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