Donate to our COVID-19 Fund

Help us support our caregivers who serve the elderly and medically fragile in our community and are suffering financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.

Every year, the PruittCares Foundation responds to those who are in need of assistance.


Whether they are PruittHealth partners, family members, or even patients, the PruittCares Foundation is proud to help relieve financial burdens of those in our community.

These grants have covered a wide range of needs over the years, from medical bills to utility bills to rent payments. Recipients and their families have told us that these grants have changed their lives in ways we could not have imagined.

We are so grateful to be able to impact the lives of our partners and members of our community in such incredible ways.

The PruittCares Foundation awarded a grant to a non-employee hospice patient who was living alone. The patient’s electricity bill had increased substantially due to oxygen use. The Foundation assisted the patient by paying the monthly electric bill.

“After Hurricane Florence, many of my [Pruitt coworkers] experienced great personal devastation and loss.”

“The Foundation’s assistance provided them with the ability to start over- whether that was in a new home which required a deposit, replacing clothes for themselves and their children, or stocking the fridge to help feed their family after losing everything. I have seen the incredible impact it has made on every recipient in my [workplace]. With some of the burden lifted during a time of crisis, partners are able to focus on continuing work that they love. Because the Foundation supports our [employees] during times of need, our [coworkers] can be present to support our residents.”

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For Non-Employee Caregivers

The PruittCares Foundation recently awarded a grant to a partner who was diagnosed with colon cancer. The partner had incurred substantial medical bills as a result of surgery and chemotherapy. The Foundation helped the partner with monthly expenses while they were undergoing treatment.


Donate to our Crisis Grant Fund so that we can continue to assist our caregivers who are in need.

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